Silver Top


Optical Quantum 6x 25GB LTH Silver Top BD-R 50 Packs Disc

Optical Quantum's silver top 6x BD-R LTH media offers the best of both worlds, incredibly large 25GB capacity with great compatibility, at a low cost point. Using a blue-violet laser, the disc can be recorded with High-Definition (HD) video or large capacity data files, for a vastly improved picture and sound quality or large capacity electronic storage space for the best recordable media on the planet. BD-R LTH works just like standard recordable Blu-ray media, but the special Gold color lets you know it's a little different. BD-R LTH media is manufactured with an organic dye that turns the disc's reflectivity during recording from "low to high". The key hardware manufacturers like Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic and LG have worked to assure that their burners are fully compatible with BD-R LTH. If your Blu-ray hardware was manufactured before 2009, check with the manufacturer for firmware updates.

Mfg Part No OQBDRLTH06ST-50
UPC Code 842378007959
Capacity 25GB
Speed 1x - 6x
Top Surface Shiny Silver
Pieces per Pack 50
Weight 2 lb
Dimension D 5.5" x W 5.5" x H 3.75"

Compatibility List
Burner Brand (speed) Model Firmware Max. Burning Speed
LG (6x) GGW-H20L YL07 2x
LG (8x) WH08LS20 2.00 Not Compatible
LG (10x) WH10LS30K 1.01 6x
LG (12x) WH12LS30 1.01 6x
LG (12x) WH12LS35 1.01 6x
LG (12x) WH12LS38 1.01 6x
LG (12x) WH12LS39 1.00 6x
LG (14x) WH14NS40 1.00 6x
PANASONIC (2x) LF-MB121 BD04 2x
PANASONIC (4x) UJ-230 1.11 2x
PANASONIC (4x) UJ-240 1.01 2x
PANASONIC (4x) SW-5583 1049 4x
PANASONIC (8x) SW-5584 1.5 4x
LITE-ON (4x) DH-4B1S 7P5B Not Compatible
LITE-ON (12x) iHBS112 CLOG/PL05 4x
LITE-ON (12x) iHBS212 5L09/HL04 4x
LITE-ON (12x) iHBS312 PL15 4x
PIONEER (4x) BDR-202 1.08 Not Compatible
PIONEER (8x) BDR-203 1.13 Not Compatible
PIONEER (12x) BDR-205 1.12 6x
PIONEER (12x) BDR-206 1.05 6x
PIONEER (12x) BDR-207 1.21 6x
PIONEER (6x BDXL) BDR-206M 1.03 6x
PIONEER (12x BDXL) BDR-207M 1.21 6x
SONY (2x) BWU100S 1.0f 2x
SONY (4x) BWU200S 1.0b 4x
SONY (8x) BWU300S 1.0c 4x
SONY (12x) BWU500S 1.62 4x
SONY (12x) BD-5300S 1.04 4x