Water-Resistant Liquid-Defense


Optical Quantum BP 4x 25GB Liquid-Defense White Inkjet Hub Printable BD-R

Optical Quantum has developed a line of WATER-RESISTANT inkjet printable CD, DVD, and Blu-ray media. Branded as Optical Quantum Best Print Water-Resistant Media using Liquid-Defense ("OQBP"), it's certain to revolutionize the printable media market. The OQBP water-resistant media is a new innovation using nanoparticle technology. It secures the printed matter to the disc preventing moisture from separating the ink which causes smearing and bleeding.

Previously, traditional inkjet printing was considered inferior to the more expensive thermal printing because the inkjet printed image could smear or bleed if it were to come into contact with moisture. OQBP water-resistant media changes all that. The media has a hub printable surface offering vibrant photo quality up to 4800dpi. The discs dry almost instantly and are highly resistant to smearing and color bleed when exposed to water and humidity. In addition to the brilliant water-resistant printing surface, the OQBP media is developed with the highest standards for optimal duplication reliability and playback capability.

OQBP water-resistant media is offering superior color and quality. Yet it is priced at a fraction of the price for alternative water resistant media. This allows the everyday user the ability to afford and utilize inkjet printing without the fear of the image smearing or bleeding on the disc due to inadvertent exposure to water.

UPC Code 842378001292 842378003005
Type BD-R BD-R
Capacity 25GB 25GB
Speed 1x - 4x* 1x - 4x*
Top Surface Water-Resistant White Inkjet Hub Printable Water-Resistant White Inkjet Hub Printable
Pieces per Pack 10 1
Weight 1 lb 0.3 oz
Print Area 23 - 118 mm 23 - 118 mm
Dimension D 5.5" x W 5.5" x H 2" D 6.75" x W 5.31" x H 0.43"
*This media can record up to 8x speed in certain 8x or higher speed Blu-ray burners, please refer compatibility list for more info.

Compatibility List
Burner Brand (speed) Model Firmware Max. Burning Speed
LG (6x) GGW-H20L YL07 4x
LG (8x) WH08LS20 1.00 8x
LG (10x) WH10LS30K 1.00 8x
LG (12x) WH12LS30 1.01 8x
LG (12x) WH12LS35 1.01 8x
LG (12x) WH12LS38 1.01 8x
LG (12x) WH12LS39 1.01 8x
LG (14x) WH14NS40 1.00 8x
PANASONIC (2x) SW-5582 B110 2x
PANASONIC (4x) SW-5583 1049 4x
PANASONIC (8x) SW-5584 1.50 4x
LITE-ON (4x) DH-4B1S 7112 4x
LITE-ON (12x) iHBS112 CLOG/PL06 10x
LITE-ON (12x) iHBS212 5L09/HL04 10x
LITE-ON (12x) iHBS312 PL15 10x
PIONEER (4x) BDR-202 1.08 4x
PIONEER (8x) BDR-203 1.13 8x
PIONEER (12x) BDR-205 1.12 10x
PIONEER (12x) BDR-206 1.06 10x
PIONEER (12x) BDR-207 1.30 10x
PIONEER (15x) BDR-208 1.10 10x
PIONEER (6x BDXL) BDR-206M 1.03 4x
PIONEER (12x BDXL) BDR-207M 1.30 10x
PIONEER (15x BDXL) BDR-208M 1.10 10x
SONY (2x) BWU100S 1.0f 2x
SONY (4x) BWU200S 1.0b 4x
SONY (8x) BWU300S 1.0c 4x
SONY (12x) BWU500S 1.62 4x
SONY (12x) BD-5300S 1.04 4x